What did the Congress workers explain to the voters for Rs 8500 per month, see and listen for yourself

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised questions on Congress' 'Khat Khat Yojana' and said that these people have been telling such a big lie. During the elections, they distributed pamphlets to mislead the common citizens of the country. For the last two days, I have been seeing that people are standing in queues at Congress offices and asking where is the one lakh rupees, people are asking for money. The videos related to the thing that PM Modi mentioned in the NDA parliamentary party meeting and cornered the Congress have also started going viral. One such video has been posted on the social media site 'X', in which Congress workers told the voters that they will give Rs 8500 every month, it can be seen and understood.

Watch this video of Congress workers demanding Rs 8500

In the video posted on X, some women Congress workers are meeting people. They are telling about the plan of Congress to give 8500 rupees every month. In this, a woman Congress worker is giving Congress pamphlets to some people. She also tells those people, 'Look, this is the Congress party. If you make the Congress party win, then Congress has come up with a scheme. Under Nari Nyay, Congress will give 8500 rupees every month to women from poor families. If you want your work to be done, you do not need to tell anyone, then support the Congress. Tell the rest of the people living here that every woman will get 8500 rupees per month.'

UP BJP youth wing leader shared the video

This video related to Congress workers has been posted on 'X' by UP BJP Youth Wing leader Dr. Richa Rajput. Richa Rajput is the social media head of UP BJP Youth Wing. She wrote in the post along with this video – 'Congress will give Rs 8500 every month in exchange for votes, by doing this they have deceived the simple people of the village.' This post of the BJP leader was shared just a few hours ago, which has now received more than three and a half thousand retweets and more than six thousand likes. Users are constantly giving their reactions on this post. The issue that the social media head of the BJP youth wing raised in her post to corner the Congress, PM Modi also mentioned the same plan of Congress in the NDA parliamentary party meeting.

Give 8500 rupees, Rahul Gandhi had claimed… Muslim women reached Lucknow Congress office to get the money

PM Modi also raised questions on Congress' 'Khatakhat Yojana'

PM Modi said on Friday that how Congress fooled people, how it misled them. The common man thought that he will get money after June 4. That is why he is standing outside the office, now he is being pushed, beaten with sticks and chased away. This kind of election is an insult to the poor, an insult to the common citizens of our country. The country never forgets such acts and never forgives them.

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