Web Series Review: The animation is great, but 'The Legend of Hanuman Season 4' falters in terms of story

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Story of 'The Legend of Hanuman 4'

Season 4 of the animated web series 'The Legend of Hanuman' continues the story of the epic battle between good and evil between Hanuman and Ravana as Hanuman is pitted against the formidable forces of Ravana. As Lord Rama's trusted aide, Hanuman faces his greatest challenges against Kumbhakaran's formidable army and Lanka's warriors, Ahiravana and Indrajit. Amidst all this, Hanuman also embarks on a journey of self-discovery where he unleashes the warrior within him as he leads the Vanara army in an unprecedented battle against the colossal might of Ravana.

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Trailer of 'The Legend of Hanuman 4'

'The Legend of Hanuman 4' web series review

Season 4 of 'The Legend of Hanuman' takes forward the epic tale of Ramayana. Hanuman is at the center of this saga. The season begins with the entry of Kumbhakaran and his defeat. This sets the stage and atmosphere for the ongoing war between Lord Rama and Ravana. The story begins from where it ended in the previous season.

The series focuses on the heroic deeds of Hanuman in which he helped Lord Rama rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana. This is a story that we all know. However, the makers have added some extra elements to make it different and due to this the pace of the story becomes uneven at times. Obviously, the makers want the audience to stay in suspense about the further story while watching the series.

Directors Jeevan J. Kang and Naveen John, along with writers Sharad Devarajan, Sarwat Chadda and Shivangi Singh, have added a few twists to the story. But unfortunately, they fail to properly connect it to the depth or pace of the story. These twists and elements are such that they confuse the audience and disrupt the natural pace of the story. The show aims to take Hanuman's journey of self-discovery forward, but these detours lead to its focus getting diverted.

The most special thing about Season 4 is its amazing graphics and excellent animation. Everything that appears on the screen is grand. The design of the series is very stylish and it adds to its grandeur. A lot of care has been taken to show every character big and small and this is what works in its favor. It emerges as a series that will not only be liked by children but also adults in terms of visuals.

Sharad Kelkar's voice as Raavan resonates throughout the show and is its soul. However, the voices of some characters definitely sound overly dramatic. This could have been toned down. The dialogues are heavy but simple and easy to understand. The show manages to retell the tale of good versus evil with great visual effects.

While watching season 4 of 'The Legend of Hanuman', you may like some parts of it. Some new interest is also generated, but overall it fails to establish itself as a great series. However, due to the episodes coming every week, it may be successful in maintaining the interest of the audience.

Overall, 'The Legend of Hanuman 4' despite having excellent visual effects, powerfully voiced characters, fails to reach the heights it expects due to its weak storyline and uneven pacing.

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