Wearing a leopard print blazer over a saree worth lakhs, Kajol roared so loudly that the other stars kept staring

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Famous actress Kajol's style is as strong as her acting. The beauty's fashion sense is always on top, whether she goes to an event or award function or is seen at the airport. Kajol never shies away from stealing the limelight in her every look. Now the actress has caught everyone's attention with a dazzling saree at the award night.

Actress Kajol, who has created a distinct identity with her unique style and fashion sense, has increased the heartbeat of people with her attractive look at the event. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the actress wearing a leopard blazer with a saree worth lakhs. Because in this gorgeous look, Kajol's beautiful eyes were overshadowing the shine of the other stars. If you don't believe it, you can also see the latest look of the actress. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @kajol)

kajol's charming look

49-year-old Kajol's style has the power to beat other beauties even at this age. An example of this was seen recently in a digital award function. Kajol, who was a part of it, wore a blazer with a shiny saree for her attractive look. Her outfit has been styled by fashion stylists Mohit Rai and Tarang Agarwal.

The saree stole everyone's heart

On this special occasion, the actress wore a leopard print saree from the collection of fashion brand Earth. The net fabric has been made shiny with crystal embroidery. The beauty of the actress in this shiny saree was worth seeing. According to the information available on the internet, the price of this outfit is around 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

Kajol's Leopard Blazer

Kajol's Leopard Blazer

Kajol knows how to add a teasing element to her look, so instead of a blouse, she styled the saree with a leopard print blazer. This blazer is designed with a V-neckline, collar and full sleeves. Its print matches the saree. Kajol looks very glamorous in a blazer with a saree.

Minimal jewellery, heavy makeup

Minimal jewellery, heavy makeup

The actress paired minimal jewellery to maintain the silhouette and shine of the saree. In which only rings are visible on the hands. Apart from this, she applied heavy glossy makeup brown eye shadow, eyeliner, eyeliner and red lipstick. Apart from this, she further increased the glamour with puff with pony hairstyle.

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