Was a laborer in Bangladesh, luck changed as soon as he came to India, such a game happened in UAE..

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Airport: Devashish Paul, living in Lohagarh area of ​​Bangladesh, was making his living as a labourer. Despite working hard, it was difficult for him to earn two meals a day. He wanted to do something so that this financial crisis would go away from his life. Meanwhile, he remembered one of his uncles, Paritosh Paul, who once had a similar condition to his. About 35 years ago, Paritosh Paul had entered the Indian border illegally.

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In the last 35 years, his uncle Paritosh Paul had not only built his house in Chaugasa area of ​​West Bengal, but today he had everything he needed in life. Devashish also decided in his mind that he will not only go to India by doing anything, but will also eradicate the line of poverty with his own hands. Since Devashish did not have enough money to come to India legally. Therefore, in 2020 he infiltrated into India through Meghalaya and reached Chaugasa.

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What happened to Devashish Paul in Chaugasa?
According to IGI Airport DCP Usha Ranganani, with the help of uncle Paritosh, Devashish not only got a job in Chaugasa, but his financial condition started improving. But, instead of decreasing, Devashish's hunger for earning was increasing. To satisfy this hunger, Devashish started hitting his hands here and there. Then, he met Asit, a person who sold dreams of sending him to UAE. Seeing Devashish's restlessness, Asit sold him the dream of Abu Dhabi.

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How did Devashish get Indian passport?
Devashish, who had bought the dream of going to Abu Dhabi, told Asit that he neither had a passport nor any document with the help of which he could get his passport made. On this, Asit assured to provide all the Indian documents including passport for just Rs 1.5 lakh. After receiving the money, Asit provided all the identity cards to Devashish one by one, which included ration card, voter ID along with PAN card and Aadhaar card.

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How did the direction of life change towards bars?
According to DCP Usha Ranganani, with the help of these Indian documents, Devashish's passport was soon made. After making the passport, Devashish went to Abu Dhabi in August 2023 on visa on arrival. Whenever IGI returned to the airport after the expiry of the visa period, a word came out of his mouth which in a moment revealed all the secrets like onion peels and placed them in front of the Immigration Bureau. After which Devashish was arrested.

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