Varun Dhawan became a father, after four years of marriage, the baby's cry resonated in the house

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Varun Dhawan and his wife Natasha Dalal are finally eagerly waiting for a little guest at home. Natasha has given birth to a cute daughter, which the entire family and the actor's fans were eagerly waiting for. 4 months ago, Varun Dhawan shared this good news with fans on social media and finally today that day has come. As soon as Varun became a father, congratulations started coming from relatives, industry friends and fans. Currently, there is a crowd of Varun and Natasha's relatives outside and inside the hospital. Let us remind you that 4 months ago, Varun shared a picture with his wife Natasha on social media and gave the good news of becoming parents soon. He shared a picture kissing Natasha's baby bump and wrote, 'We are pregnant, need all your blessings and love.'

A crowd of relatives had gathered outside Hinduja Hospital since evening

The Dhawan family was seen outside Hinduja Hospital since Monday evening. Natasha was admitted to the hospital today i.e. on June 3 and looking at the couple, it was being speculated that they are going to become parents soon. Seeing the crowd of family and loved ones outside the hospital, it was being speculated that the good news of Varun becoming a father could come anytime. Varun Dhawan and his wife Natasha Dalal's family looked completely ready to welcome their child.

Varun and Natasha got married on 24 January 2021 in Alibaug. Both were friends since school days. However, Varun had told that he had to work hard to impress Natasha and Natasha rejected his proposal four times. However, Varun still did not give up and he kept trying to convince her until Natasha said yes.

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