USA vs PAK T20 World Cup: 'Fixer' made Pakistan miserable, bowled 17 balls in the super over, America won

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New Delhi. Pakistani cricket fans must be used to it by now. After all, this is not the first time their team has suffered an upset in the World Cup. The history of the T20 World Cup begins with Pakistan's defeat. India defeated Pakistan in the very first match of the first T20 World Championship played in 2007. That match was also tied first and then India won it. Now Pakistan has lost again in its very first match of the T20 World Cup 2024. The US first tied the match and then won in the Super Over. Let's know how the US turned the tables in the Super Over.

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A match was played between Pakistan and America in Dallas on Thursday night. Batting first, Pakistan scored 159/7. In reply, America's innings also ended at 159 runs for 3 wickets. After the match was tied, a super over was played. Pakistan gave the ball to Mohammad Aamir in the super over. The same Aamir who was once banned due to spot fixing. Call it a coincidence or misfortune, but Aamir proved to be a villain for Pakistan this time too. America batted first in the super over. Aaron Jones and Harmeet Singh took charge from their side.

America batting in the super over
First ball: Aaron Jones hit a four off Mohammad Aamir's ball. Jones sent the short ball pitched outside the off stump across the boundary. (USA: 4/0)

Second ball: Aaron Jones pushes the yorker length ball towards long on and scores two runs. (USA: 6/0)

Third ball: Aamir's excellent yorker. Aaron Jones somehow saved his wicket. The American batsman ran to take the run. (USA: 7/0)

4th ball (wide): Rizwan could only stop the ball going outside the leg stump incompletely. A run bye was also given along with the wide. (USA: 9/0)

Fourth ball: Aaron Jones plays the full-toss ball to square leg and takes a run. (USA: 10/0)

5th ball (wide): Rizwan could not catch the ball going outside the leg stump properly. The American batsmen also took runs by running. (USA: 12/0)

Fifth ball: Aaron Jones plays at cover and scores two runs. (USA: 14/0)

6th ball (wide): Aamir bowled a slow ball outside the off stump. Harmeet ran for a bye run from the non-strike end. Rizwan threw, but neither the ball hit the stumps nor was there anyone to back it up. As a result, the American batsmen ran 2 runs. (USA: 17/0)

Sixth ball: Jones scored one run. He was run out while trying to take the second run. (USA: 18/1). In this way Pakistan gave 7 extra runs in the super over.

Saurabh Netravalkar bowled the super over from America's side. However, he also bowled 2 wide balls in this over. That is, Saurabh bowled a total of 8 balls in the super over, but Pakistan could not take advantage of it.
In this super over, Pakistani batsmen could score only 13 runs. In this way, America won the super over and secured its two points and reached the first position in the points table.

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