UP: Teachers are going to be transferred, the government took the decision due to a big reason

Ronit Kawale
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Efforts are being made to improve the student-teacher ratio in government schools. According to the government, teachers will be removed from primary schools where the number of children is less and the number of teachers is more, and sent to schools with more children. In this regard, orders have been given to correct the details of teachers and children on the Manav Sampada portal on the basis of student strength. So that teachers can be transferred from one school to another through the portal itself.

At some places there are 4 teachers for 25 students, and at other places there is 1 teacher for 200 students.

There are 511 government schools in Gautam Buddha Nagar, in which about one lakh children study. It is mandatory to have one teacher for every 30 children in government schools. There are a large number of schools in every district where the ratio of teachers and children is not equal.

In many schools, the number of children is 25 to 30 and the number of teachers is 4 to 5. In between, there are many schools where the number of children is 200 to 300 and the number of teachers is one or two. The department is trying to improve this ratio.

Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Rahul Panwar said that the number of children is less in more than 15 schools of the four blocks. Notice has been issued to them. Also, the reason for the low number of children has also been asked. Emphasis is being laid on the number of teachers in proportion to the number of children. The rest of the adjustment process remains at the government level. Efforts are being made to improve the ratio of both.

Adjustments have not been made for a long time

The ratio of teachers in schools has deteriorated due to lack of adjustment for about one and a half decade. The number of teachers in many schools has decreased due to transfer to other districts and retirement. But the teaching-learning process is getting affected as the number of students is the same as before.

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