Twinkle Khanna gave advice to Zomato, wrote a long post

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Twinkle Khanna gave advice to Zomato, wrote a long post

New Delhi: Recently, Zomato, an online platform for supplying food products, announced the launch of food supply service in a completely vegetarian mode (pure veg mode). The company started this service keeping in mind the preferences of customers adopting pure vegetarianism. The company's founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal had given this information on the social media platform 'X'. Now Twinkle Khanna has given her reaction on this decision of Zomato.

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On social media platform 'X', Twinkle Khanna reacted to the new rule on Zomato's 'Pure Veg Mode'. He wrote in his post – Zomato's separation of food into pure and impure, and its proposal to dress its fleet of delivery people in green made a large section of Indians see red. On the surface, it appears to be a solution designed for people with specific dietary requirements, but they forget that 'pure-vegetarianism', unlike vegetarianism or veganism, has connotations of caste, hierarchy and untouchability. Communication is a toothy tool. It may be a healing scalpel or a dagger, depending on how you use it, and even then it does not matter how good your aim is.'

Know why Zomato took such a decision
Last March, Zomato courted controversy when the food delivery platform announced the launch of its green-branded 'pure vegetarian' fleet. As the company faced backlash on social media, it said it would withdraw the 'green branding' for its new 'pure vegetarian' fleet and the service would be renamed 'vegan only'. Zomato also canceled plans to make delivery personnel wear green uniforms instead of the regular red uniforms to deliver vegetarian food.

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