Turning Point: Babar's army was moving towards victory, then Milind jumped and Pakistan was destroyed

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New Delhi. Pakistan's team was moving towards victory against America. In the super over, they were given a target of 19 runs. In reply, they scored 5 runs in 2 balls. Now they had to score 14 runs in 4 balls. On the third ball of the over, Iftikhar Ahmed hit a powerful shot. The ball went in the air. At first glance, it seemed that the ball was landing safely. There was no fielder nearby. Then Milind Kumar came like a gust of wind and dived forward and caught the ball a few inches above the ground. Pakistan, which was moving towards victory, was now looking at defeat.

On Thursday, when America defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, 'India B' started trending on social media. The reason was that there were 5 players in America's playing eleven who were either born in India or their parents were born in India. But the real miracle was done by the sixth 'Indian' Milind Kumar, who came on the field as a substitute fielder during the super over.

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Pakistan had scored 5 runs after 2 balls in the super over. Iftikhar Ahmed played the third ball of Saurabh Netravalkar over mid-off. Milind Kumar, fielding at long-off, ran at full speed and dived to catch the ball before it hit the ground. This catch is also being called the turning point of the match.

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