To know the release date of 'Kota Factory 3', solve this confusing question of Jeetu Bhaiya

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After Jitendra Kumar's web series 'Panchayat 3', now fans are waiting for the release of the new season of 'Kota Factory'. And this wait is about to end now. The makers have announced the release date of 'Kota Factory 3', but with a twist. To know the date, you will have to answer a difficult question of Jeetu Bhaiya. So what are you waiting for, pick up a copy-pen and solve this question, which is given in this video. Netflix India has shared a video related to the release date of Kota Factory 3 on YouTube and other social media platforms. In this, Jitendra Kumar is in front of a board. He tells that everyone is asking when is 'Kota Factory Season 3' coming? When is Jeetu Bhaiya coming? He says, 'I am coming and the new season of Kota Factory is also coming. Let's note down the date.' He says, 'The release date of Kota Factory is June…' and after saying this he becomes silent.

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Release date of 'Kota Factory Season 3'

After this Jitendra Kumar further says that he will not tell it so easily, but people will have to answer the question written on the board, because the release date is hidden in it. You just have to solve it.

Some people have even solved it!

Some fans have solved the question of Jeetu Bhaiya and found out the hidden release date. People are writing in the comment section on YouTube that it will come on June 20. Fans are happy that Jitendra came as a secretary just two days ago and now he will win everyone's heart by becoming Jeetu Bhaiya.

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