To avoid dehydration in summer season, include these things in your diet.

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Rae Bareli. The throat wants some refreshment in summer. This is also the need of the body. The body demands water due to sweating. Although you can drink any fruit or fruit juice, but Cucumber There is a panacea in this. Dietician is telling about how to include it in your diet.

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In summer, our body starts getting dehydrated due to strong heat and heat waves. To keep their body hydrated, people also eat many seasonal fruits along with various types of juices so that their body remains healthy and protected from strong sunlight and heat. Cucumber is also very beneficial for our health. Nutrients like Vitamin C, beta carotene, copper, magnesium, potassium, iodine are found in abundance in it. These are effective in keeping our body healthy in summer.

Must eat cucumber in summer
Dr. Smita Srivastava (BAMS Ayurveda), Ayush Medical Officer of Rae Bareli, says that in summer we must eat cucumber to keep our body healthy. This keeps our body hydrated. Besides, it provides energy to our body. Cucumber, rich in antioxidant properties, is very beneficial for our health. It contains abundant amount of water which is very beneficial for our skin and liver during the summer season. To avoid this, skin starts becoming dry in summer, we should consume cucumber.

If you want to avoid heart attack, change your lifestyle today, stay away from these things.

Cucumber is a mine of qualities
Talking to PressNews24, Ayush Medical Officer Smita Srivastava says that cucumber can be eaten anytime in the form of salad or just with salt. It is also good to eat its vegetable and raita. Cucumber is effective in removing lung disorders, phlegm and cough. Consuming it strengthens our digestive system. The body's immunity also becomes stronger. Cucumber is considered a good source of energy. Eating it also helps in reducing weight. It contains plenty of fiber and calories.

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