Tired, sick, need treatment… Opposition enraged at PM Modi's 'Mujra' statement, fired sharp arrows

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi: Voting took place in the country today under the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections. Even though the Lok Sabha elections are about to end, the political temperature is continuously rising. PM ​​Modi on Saturday launched a scathing attack on the opposition alliance 'Bharat' and accused it of doing 'slavery' and 'Mujra' for the Muslim vote bank. Addressing separate rallies in Patliputra, Karakat and Buxar parliamentary constituencies of Bihar, Modi launched a scathing attack on the opposition and blamed parties like RJD and Congress for 'refusing to give reservation' to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in minority institutions. On the other hand, the leaders of the opposition alliance got angry with PM Modi's 'Mujra' statement. Congress leader Pawan Khera has once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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'Did PM Modi's tongue slip or is there something else?'

The Indi alliance also wants to do 'Mujra' for vote bank. On this statement of PM Modi, Pawan Khera said that he is not able to understand whether PM Modi has once again slipped his tongue or… something else. I am not able to understand what to say. He said that perhaps he is not used to campaigning in the sun. Rahul Gandhi has this habit, he has walked four thousand kilometers. He said that perhaps PM Modi is now tired of campaigning. The words he uses that 'Congress party will do mujra', using such words does not suit a person sitting on the post of Prime Minister at all. He said that I think PM Modi needs rest now. I request both Amit Shah and JP Nadda ji that if he listens to you even a little, then get him treated immediately, he needs treatment. Narendra Modi ji is now tired and ill.

Bharat Gathbandhan used to scare the country. They used to say that if Ram Mandir is built, there will be chaos in the country, rivers of blood will flow. Today Ram Lalla is seated in the temple, whether there is any ruckus or rivers of blood have flowed. They used to say that if Article 370 is removed from Jammu and Kashmir, they will go to Pakistan. If Article 370 is removed, there will be fire. If Article 370 is removed, there will be bomb blasts in the country. Various types of threats and creating fear. Modi is neither afraid of their threats nor has he ever stopped.

PM Narendra Modi

'The head of the family should not lose shame'

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday strongly countered Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech in Bihar, saying that the head of the family should never lose his dignity. Addressing an election rally in Gorakhpur in support of 'Bharat' alliance's Gorakhpur candidate Kajal Nishad and Bansgaon parliamentary constituency candidate Sadal Prasad in the presence of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, Priyanka Gandhi greeted the crowd by saying 'Rauwa sabh ke Ram-Ram' in Bhojpuri. Referring to Prime Minister Modi's speech in an election rally in Bihar, she said, 'Modi ji gave a speech in Bihar and said such words for opposition leaders that no Prime Minister would have said in the history of the country.'

These cowardly Congress and RJD people are still saying that Pakistan has nuclear bombs. Because of these cowardly people, Pakistani terrorists used to attack India whenever they wanted and leave. Modi is not afraid like them. Modi asked the army to enter the house and kill. Today Pakistan thinks a hundred times before doing anything.

PM Narendra Modi

'Why is there so much attraction towards words starting with the letter M?'

The Nationalist Congress Party (Sharad Chandra Pawar) on Saturday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for accusing the opposition alliance 'India' of doing 'Mujra' for vote bank and asked whether it befits him to make such a statement. Addressing election campaign rallies in Bihar, the Prime Minister said, 'Bihar is the land that has given a new direction to the fight for social justice. I want to declare on the soil of this state that I will foil the plans of the 'India' alliance to snatch the rights of SC, ST and OBC and give it to Muslims. They can remain slaves and do 'Mujra' to please their vote bank.' Referring to his previous comments on social media, NCP (SP) leader Clyde Crasto asked why the Prime Minister has such an attraction towards words starting with the letter 'M'. Crasto said in a post on 'X', 'What is this attraction towards the letter 'M'? Does it befit the Prime Minister of India to talk like this?

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