Till today we used to think that Shahrukh Khan turned out to be someone else in 'Baazigar'.

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Did you whistle in the cinema hall after seeing Shahrukh Khan riding a horse in a black dress, hat and face-covering glasses in the film 'Baazigar'? Then understand that you have been fooled. Yes, because after watching the film, the person you thought to be Shahrukh turned out to be the owner of that horse. Shahrukh's horse riding scene in that film touched the hearts of the people, but perhaps no one would believe that a body double was used during the theme song in this scene.

'Baazigar' has been one of the most important films of Shahrukh Khan's career. In this film, he happily played dangerous and negative roles, which big actors had refused to do. One of the many special scenes of this film is the scene of Shahrukh riding a horse wearing a black cap and mask along with the title song of the film. Recently in an interview, Abbas-Mustan clarified who had shot this scene instead of Shahrukh.

What would have happened if Shahrukh had fallen from a horse in 'Baazigar'?

Shahrukh Khan's fans know very well that he is very afraid of horse riding and he has openly expressed this many times. On Radio 'Nasha', a fan asked the film producer duo brothers this question, what would have happened if Shahrukh had fallen from the horse? On this, director Jodi told that they had used a body double in this scene of the film. He told that this scene was not filmed with anyone else but with the owner of that horse.

'No one can believe that it was not Shahrukh in that scene'

He further said, 'When the song ends, he turns and walks away from the camera, after that there is no horse to be seen, but Shah Rukh is acting as if he is riding a horse… No one can believe that he was not riding a horse in that scene. He performed brilliantly.

Maker said on the sequel of 'Baazigar' – If you have a story then give it.

He told that because of his films, people started calling Shahrukh Khan by nicknames like 'Khiladi' and 'Badshah'. Fans told the director duo that they should think about making a sequel to 'Baazigar', to which Mastan replied – If you have a story then give it, we will definitely make it.

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