This wedding website has created a dowry calculator, now you will be able to know from your salary how much dowry you should get.

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No matter how much time passes, the practice of taking dowry never ends but its method definitely changes with time. Like earlier the boy's family used to put their demands directly in front of the girl's parents and it was said that their son wants all this. But today its method has changed and it is said that we do not want anything but if you want to give something to your daughter then we have no objection.

Going a step further, a matrimonial site has launched a calculator in which boys can now enter their salary and job details to find out how much dowry they can get. Let's know about this calculator and how to use it.

Which site was launched?

This dowry calculator has been launched on Anupam Mittal's site He has added this feature to his app, which makes people aware about dowry. You must also be wondering how this feature telling the amount of dowry can make people aware! Let us tell you what this dowry calculator is and how it is used.

What is this dowry calculator?

Let us tell you that the dowry calculator feature added on Shaadi.con does not actually calculate the dowry amount but calculates the statistics which show the data of women's deaths due to dowry. This is a step which can save the lives of many women.

How to calculate dowry?

How to calculate dowry?

It is very easy to use. You just have to search dowry calculator, after which the window given in the picture above will open in front of you. In this, you will have to fill many details like your education and salary. After this, when you submit it, instead of dowry money, it will give you the data of the number of women who died due to dowry in India.

A big step towards creating awareness

A big step towards creating awareness

While the practice of demanding dowry is being promoted in India through direct and indirect means, Anupam Mittal has added a feature to his matrimonial site Let us tell you that according to the information available on the internet, there were 6.4 thousand cases of deaths due to dowry in 2022. This one step can not only stop the giving and taking of dowry, but can also help in preventing many deaths and exploitation caused by it.

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