This sherbet will cure stomach ailment! You will feel cool in summer, know its unique benefits

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This sherbet will cure stomach ailment!  You will feel cool in summer, know its unique benefits

Vikram Kumar Jha/Purnia. To get relief from the heat, people drink different types of cold drinks or soups of different flavors. So that people can feel cool in the summer and also get relief from the heat. In such a situation, with the beginning of summer, there is a lot of demand for wood apple juice in the market. Dr. Abhay Kumar, Superintendent of Purnia Medical College, told PressNews24 that the vine is rich in many medicinal properties. Drinking wood apple juice not only provides relief from heat in the stomach but also provides relief from gas, constipation and other stomach related diseases. Due to which people like to drink wood apple juice.

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With the onset of summer, wood apple juice is available in abundance in Purnia city. Let us know its benefits. There is a crowd of people at the Bel Sharbat shop in front of the Panchmukhi temple in Purnia. At the same time, customers who came to Purnia from Srinagar, Udaipur, Amarendra Vishwas, Manzoor Alam, Suraj Kumar were drinking Bel sherbet. They said that it is a lot of fun to drink wood apple juice. Besides this, medicinal properties are also found in the vine. Due to which one gets relief from many types of stomach related diseases after drinking wood apple juice, it also provides more relief in summer.

heavy on cold drinks
Shopkeeper Amarnath Sahni, who makes and sells Bel Sharbat near Panchmukhi Mandir Chowk of Purnia, says that he has been setting up his shop of Bel Sherbat at the same Chowk in Purnia for the last 6 to 7 years. He says that as the summer increases, the demand for wood apple juice increases in the market. People like to drink wood apple juice instead of cold drinks like Thanda.

Will relieve stomach related disorders with many medicinal properties.
Doctor Abhay Kumar told that many medicinal properties are also found in vine. Along with this, wood apple juice also works as a panacea for stomach related constipation, gas and many other diseases. Shopkeeper Amarnath told that he cleans and prepares the vine brought from Bhagalpur and other places at his shop by peeling it thoroughly. By adding sugar as per taste to it, the Bel Sharbat is prepared in the mixer and served to the customers. However, he said that at his shop, sherbet is available for ₹ 20, ₹ 30 and ₹ 40 per glass.

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