This share of 3 rupees reached 40, the government company of 1948 is not showing any sign of stopping

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4 years ago the share started its journey at Rs 3.
Now it has reached above Rs 40.
IFCI stock will soon cross the 50 mark.

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New Delhi. Those who invest in the stock market are always looking for such stocks which can give them big returns. One such penny stock was that of government company IMCI (IFCI), which has become a multibagger in just 4 years since the pandemic. The share of this company started its journey four years ago at Rs 3 and has reached above Rs 40. This pace is showing no sign of stopping in future also. Experts estimate that IFCI stock will soon cross the 50 mark.

Actually, Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) is a financial development institution under the Finance Ministry. It was established immediately after independence in 1948. It also has 7 subsidiaries and one associate company. Although this company had entered the stock market in November 1994 itself, but for some time now the stock has gained wings.

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Three times return in a year
After the Corona period, its stocks are continuously rising. Even today i.e. on March 28, a jump of 1.25 percent was visible at 11 am and its shares were trading at Rs 40.85 on NSE. On one hand, there is continuous selling pressure in PSU companies, while on the other IFCI is busy filling the pockets of its investors. In the last one year, its stock price increased from Rs 9 to Rs 40. This means that the price has increased 3.5 times.

1 lakh converted into 3.5 lakh
If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock even a year ago, then now he has made a profit of 350 percent and the total amount has increased to Rs 3.5 lakh. The stock has achieved returns of 70 percent within 6 months. During the Corona period, its stock price was hovering around Rs 3.5, from where till now it has become a multibagger in 4 years, registering a growth of about 11 times.

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How far will the rate go next?
According to, the fundamentals of the company are quite strong. Therefore, the target price of its stock can go up to Rs 97.65 in 2024, while by 2025 its shares will touch the figure of Rs 114.68. If you want to invest in it in the long term, then by 2030 its price can even cross Rs 178. Obviously, this stock has the potential to return almost 4 times the return in the next 6 years.

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