This plant is the father of medicine. It is effective in skin, boils and stomach diseases, its wood is valuable.

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Naresh Pareek/Churu. The state flower Rohida tree is continuously becoming a victim of neglect. Every aspect of this tree, which maintains its dominance even in the scorching heat and minus cold, is priceless. Ignoring the Rohida tree, which is rich in medicinal properties, may cost its existence in the future. This tree, which remains alive even in drought, is not only an adornment of the dhors, but it is also very useful for the stabilization of sandy dhors. This tree, which is blooming with many types of bright flowers from December to April, attracts everyone towards itself.

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Singh, a rural native, says that the state government had declared the Rohida flower as the state flower in 1983, but today it is fighting for its existence and survival. No special plan was made by the government for its conservation. This tree is also very useful for stabilization. Let us tell you that there is a ban on cutting of Rohida and transportation of its wood, if anyone is found doing so, the Forest Department has the right to take action against him under the Forest Act. At the same time, the farmer is refusing to take it today and argues that crops do not grow under this tree.

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full of medicinal properties
Rohida is also important in medicinal uses. Rohida is also used in the treatment of skin, boils, stomach diseases, wounds, ear diseases and eye diseases. Rohida is also used in the treatment of urinary diseases. It is especially effective in stomach related diseases and is also used in Liv-52 medicine.

its wood is precious
Rohida wood is valuable and very strong. The age of Rohida wood is said to be 100 years. It is said that the furniture made of Rohida does not deteriorate for 100 years and its wood does not get affected by insects. One of the main reasons for the scarcity of Rohida is the strength of its wood, which attracts people towards it. Rohida was indiscriminately cut to make decorative items, furniture and to make windows and doors for the house and is still happening today.

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