This plant is full of miraculous properties, planting it in the house will prevent entry of mosquitoes.

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Nisha Rathore/Udaipur: Many times there are some plants around our houses which we like to plant in the house but we do not know about their properties. One of these plants is Marua, which you must have often seen planted in the houses. This plant also has many beneficial benefits. It not only protects your home from dengue and malaria mosquitoes. Besides, it is also considered full of medicinal properties. Apart from this, this plant is also considered very dear to Lord Shri Krishna. Its fruits are offered to God.

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Drive away mosquitoes carrying dengue and malaria
Dr. Shobha Lal Audichya, an Ayurvedic doctor from Udaipur city, said that Marua is a Tulsi species of plant, which has many medicinal properties and due to its fragrance, mosquitoes do not enter the house. Besides this, rubbing its leaves on hands and feet prevents mosquitoes from biting. At the same time, if children suffer from vomiting or diarrhea or suffer from nausea, they can be given its juice to drink, which gives them immediate relief.

There are two types of this plant
This plant of Tulsi species is known by the name 'Marua'. In common parlance it is also called 'Marua Dona'. Its leaves are large, sharp, thick, soft and smooth and have a very strong smell. On its stem, a flower like basil emerges in Kartik Aghaan, in which small white flowers bloom. There are two types of marua, black marua and white marua. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used for making medicine and for many health benefits.

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