This is not a beauty contest… Jairam Ramesh told how India's PM face will be selected.

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New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh has given a big statement regarding the PM face of the opposition alliance India. When he was asked about the PM face of India Bloc, he said that this is an election and not a beauty contest, hence India does not have any candidate for the post of Prime Minister against Narendra Modi. Ramesh said on Wednesday that the Prime Minister will be selected within a few hours after getting the mandate on June 4. At present the Lok Sabha elections are moving towards its final phase and only two phases of voting are left.

Kharge had also told the formula for the PM's face
This statement of Jairam Ramesh comes a day after the statement of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge in which he had said that after the declaration of results on June 4, India will select the Prime Minister by consensus in the meeting of all 26 coalition parties of the block. Kharge said that the same process would be adopted in this which was adopted by UPA in 2004.

'We will see a moment like 2004'
Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said that with the opposition alliance India getting a clear mandate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in June, we will see a '2004-like moment' and this is one of the reasons for the alliance's 'brilliant performance'. It is a very influential party in Uttar Pradesh. There is change. Ramesh claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing a communal pitch but his party refused to play on it and even his googlies and bouncers failed. He expressed confidence that the results day on June 4 would remind of the moment in 2004 when the Bharatiya Janata Party was voted out of power despite its 'India Shining' (Bharat Uday) campaign.

'The PM candidate will be announced within a few hours of the results'
Jairam Ramesh said that in 2004, Manmohan Singh's name was announced as Prime Minister within four days. This time it won't even take two days. The name will be decided in a few hours. When he was asked whether Rahul Gandhi would be the candidate for the post of PM? In response to this he said that its formula is that only the candidate of the largest party will be the Prime Minister.

According to Ramesh, this election is 'people vs Modi', not just 'Janbandhan' of 'India' vs Modi. This election is farmers vs Modi, women vs Modi, laborers vs Modi, youth vs Modi. This is social engineering, SC, ST, OBC are against Modi. He said, this is an election when people are rising up very quietly and sending a message to this tired and pale Prime Minister that you are the outgoing Prime Minister and are going out of power on June 4.

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