This grain is a medicine, it removes toxic elements from the body, is also effective for the heart.

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Kamal Pimoli/Srinagar Garhwal: Eating coarse grains has its own benefits. The government is also encouraging farmers for millet cultivation. One such rare grain is foxtail. Foxtail millet is also known as Kauni or millet. Actually, the production of foxtail millet is highest in Karnataka. But more nutrients are found in Kauni i.e. foxtail millet grown in Uttarakhand. However, its production has declined due to migration and farmers moving away from farming.

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Foxtail millet (Kauni/Bajra) is the oldest millet in the world. Foxtail millet is green in color and turns yellow when ripe. Also, it is slightly sweet in taste. It can be eaten with wheat and rice. Apart from this, Kauni rice and kheer are also popular in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand.

Highest amount of Vitamin B12

Dr. Dipti Prabha, Professor of Seed Science Department of HNB Garhwal University, says that Vitamin B12 is found in highest quantity in Kauni. He told that Vitamin B12 is not found in such quantities in any other grain, along with it calcium and protein content are also found in high quantities. Due to the nutrients found in Kauni, it is effective in heart health as well as memory growth. Kauni contains abundant amount of fiber, hence if Kauni rice is eaten then all the toxic elements are removed from the body.

why say foxtel
Kauni or foxtail millet looks exactly like the tail of a fox. This is why it is known as Foxtel. Giving information, Dr. Dipti Prabha says that foxtail cultivation has reached the verge of extinction in many areas of Uttarakhand. In such a situation, if farmers start cultivating foxtail millet again, it can prove beneficial, because high value nutrients are found in the produce of Kauni grown in Uttarakhand.

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