This farmer who was once a daily wage laborer is now guiding IAS, don't be surprised…

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New Delhi, The farmer who once worked as a daily wage earner for five rupees, today guides the IAS. This farmer was called to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration located in Mussoorie, he gave a special 'training' to the future IAS. So that he can benefit the farmers including the common people during his tenure. However, the Agriculture Ministry also often calls this farmer to give lectures.

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Farmer Ravindra Manikar Metkar is a resident of Amravati, Maharashtra. At one time, he used to work as a laborer for five rupees a day in the village. Together, they used to do summer farming, which was somehow supporting their livelihood. He also had to sell his land to expand his husbandry business. After this, he started a poultry farm by taking a loan from the bank. At present they are the major egg producers of Maharashtra. His poultry farm produces 2 lakh eggs every day. Recently an automatic poultry farm has been built for 50 thousand chickens, the cost of which is Rs 18 crore.

Farmer Ravindra Manikar Metkar working in the field.

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Today they are considered to be successful farmers of the country, who despite being successful, are still connected to the land and do farming themselves when they get time. Therefore, he was called to guide the IAS at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. Gave guidance by going to the agricultural dialogue program 'Learn from progressive farmers' organized here.

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Ravindra Manikar Metkar says that he went to the academy and explained how he has reached here by using minimum resources. What do farmers and common people expect from them (IAS)? How can they help the farmers by making the work easier. Can save farmers from running away. By giving them relief, life can be made easier. His lecture was greatly appreciated by everyone present there. However, he says that the Agriculture Ministry also often invites him to such programs in which he guides other farmers and tells them how to increase their income.

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