This dry fruit is a powerhouse of energy; Beneficial for stomach, skin, weakness, everything

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Hina Azmi/ Dehradun: Chironji grains are small in appearance like lentils. But, this small looking dry fruit gives such benefits to health that after knowing about it, you will start consuming Chironji. Eating chironji seeds, which are rich in nutrients like protein, vitamin C, B and amino acids, gives strength to the body. And immunity also gets boosted. Blood sugar level is maintained with Chironji. By consuming it the digestive system also remains fine. Chironji purifies the blood. Presence of impurities in the blood can cause pimples, rashes on the body and many other problems. The body should function properly and the skin should remain glowing. For this it is necessary to have clean blood. Therefore, people who have such problems must consume Chironji. Chironji can also help in preventing skin allergies. It is more expensive than cashews, almonds, raisins, dates, pistachios and other dry fruits. The price of good quality Chironji in the market is around Rs 4000 per kg.

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Chironji makes skin flawless
Giving information to PressNews24, Dr. Siraj Siddiqui, a 20-year-old veteran resident of Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, said that Chironji is found in three countries including India. It is very effective. It is also beneficial for skin diseases, stomach diseases and problems related to the reproductive system. Chironji is also very useful in removing diabetes and weakness. To get rid of skin related diseases, you can take chironji and orange peels in equal quantity, grind them, make a paste and apply it on the face. You will get Chironji oil in the market, which can also be applied by mixing it with almond oil. This improves the face of people who have the problem of eczema. They should mix turmeric powder and chironji and use it. This will be beneficial. In case of diarrhea, 15 to 20 seeds should be used. Whereas in case of constipation, 5 seeds should be used. Women who have excessive bleeding during periods. If they consume some of its seeds 5 days before periods, there will be no weakness.

When not to consume Chironji?
Dr. Siraj Siddiqui tells that Chironji is beneficial. But, it should be taken in right quantity. Otherwise it may have side effects also. Consuming Chironji for a long time without medical consultation can be harmful. No normal person should take more than 20 grains of it. People suffering from other diseases should consume it only after taking advice from an Ayurvedic doctor.

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