This blue flower will not only increase immunity but will also reduce weight, know the easy way to plant it at home

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Aparajita flower has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda for years. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties, which can be used to treat many body problems. Its antioxidant properties increase immunity, while it increases metabolism and helps burn fat.

If you also want to lose weight along with increasing immunity, then you can use it daily. Butterfly green tea has also become very popular these days and due to this the demand for this plant has also increased. Now if you want to drink tea made from Aparajita flowers daily, then you can grow it at home. Two types of flowers bloom in it, one blue and the other white. Any of the two flowers of Aparajita can be easily grown at home. So let us tell you the method of planting this plant.

Take care of the soil

To plant the Aparajita plant, good and clean soil should be used. For this you will also need sand. That is, sandy and fertile soil is necessary to plant the plant. To plant the plant in a pot, garden soil, manure and sand will have to be used in equal quantities.

Plant such a plant

First of all, take a big pot and put small stones and sand in it, then fill it with soil. Make 3-4 layers by adding sand and then soil. You can also use coco peat or peat moss in the soil mixture. If you want, you can also use cow dung manure. After planting the plant, press the roots well into the soil and put the remaining soil on top.

How to sow seeds?

How to sow seeds?

If you want to grow the plant with the help of seeds, then it will take 6 to 8 months. For this, make a one-inch hole in the soil with your thumb and put the seed in it and cover it. There should be a distance of at least 3-4 inches between each seed. Then irrigate it.

sunlight and water

sunlight and water

In the beginning, the Aparajita plant needs to be watered regularly in proper quantity. But when the plant grows, avoid watering it daily as this reduces the growth of flowers. Give only enough water to the Aparajita plant so that its soil remains moist. Apart from this, the Aparajita plant always blooms in bright sunlight. Therefore, it should never be kept in the shade.

Desi Manure

Desi Manure

If you want a lot of flowers in Aparajita, then you will have to use fertilizer. If you want, you can use multi-mineral fertilizer available in the market or you can adopt the traditional method. For this, you have to dip a very small piece of alum, about 20 grams, in a glass of water.

Now hoe the plant and wait for a day so that the roots of the plant can get air. Then the next day add alum water to it. This method has to be done once in a month or a month and a half. Keep in mind that add it only when the soil is a little dry, this will increase the growth of flowers in Aparajita.

Also know the specialty of this flower

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