This Ayurvedic plant is good for migraine and viral fever, if used, the diseases will be cured!

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This Ayurvedic plant is good for migraine and viral fever, if used, the diseases will be cured!

Vishal Bhatnagar/Meerut: In the present times, the way our lifestyle is changing. Due to this, many types of diseases have also started troubling people. The most common complaint is that of migraine. To get relief from this, people have started using different types of medicines. But many times they do not get relief. In such a situation, if we talk about Ayurvedic method. A plant called Sahadevi is considered very useful. Which cures various types of diseases including migraine.

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Professor Vijay Malik, Head of the Botany Department operating in the Chaudhary Charan Singh University campus and an expert in medicinal plants, says that he has been working in the field of education for the last 25 years. He says that every tree and plant has some Ayurvedic properties. Similarly, there is also a small plant called Sahadevi. Medicine is to be seen in every part of it. He further said, 'The root of this plant is very useful. If it is used in 40 to 50 ml form of decoction at the time of fever, it helps in curing all types of viral fevers. On the other hand, if we grind its leaves and make a paste and apply it on any wound anywhere on the body, it will help a lot in removing various types of infections and healing the wound.

Seeds cure urine related diseases
The seeds that come from the Sahadevi plant. They are also used extensively in medicine. Such medicinal properties are found in its seeds. Which are considered helpful in removing various types of urine related infections. It can be used as a decoction. Not only this, if a person has any problem related to migraine pain. He can mix its leaves in coconut oil and massage his head 30 minutes before bathing. This will provide a lot of relief from headache. Let us tell you that many other types of medicinal properties are found in it. Which help in removing infection.

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