These clothes revealed the truth of Natasha and Hardik's relationship, they were specially prepared for the wedding

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The news of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic's marriage breaking up came out one after the other and then suddenly their wedding photos were back on Instagram. During this time, it was being claimed that the couple was going to separate, while some said that the couple has got divorced and the cricketer will have to give 70 percent of his property to his wife.

Now after the wedding photos have come back, this angle has completely changed. How much truth is there in these claims related to divorce and patch up, it will be clear only when either of the stars makes an official comment about it. But one thing is certain that there is absolutely no lack of love in the marriage of this modern couple. The way this relationship started, the first marriage happened and then both of them got married for the second time, it proved to the world that these two are made for each other. (All photos: Instagram @natasastankovic)

Natasha became a very beautiful bride in a grand wedding

The couple had a grand wedding for the second time. The first wedding was according to Christian rituals and the second according to Indian rituals. Talking about the first wedding look, Natasha was seen in an elegant and classy lady look. She looked no less than a dream girl in a custom corset gown by Shantanu and Nikhil.

Special letters were written on the gown

Natasha also got special letters written on her custom gown, which was enough to express her love. This was discussed a lot during that time because this step of Mrs. Pandya was a proof of her and Hardik's strong relationship.

What letters were those?

What letters were those?

Adorned with pearls, precious stones, beads and made of Persian satin, this white custom gown was absolutely beautiful. Inspired by Natasha's romantic side, the dress had the letters 'N' and 'H' written on the sleeves, which were taken from her and her husband Hardik's names.

Even though this was a very small act, there is no doubt that it clearly reflected how deep Natasha’s feelings were for both her relationship and her husband.

The love between the couple was clearly visible even during their wedding which was conducted as per Indian customs.

The love between the couple was clearly visible even during their wedding which was conducted as per Indian customs.

After the Christian wedding, the couple got married according to Hindu customs with all the rituals. During this, Hardik wore Sherwani, while Natasha wore a very beautiful custom-made lehenga. During this time too, the love between the two could be clearly felt.

Now when someone has got married in this way only a short while ago and has expressed their love openly, even leaving its mark on their clothes, then the news of their separation will definitely shock you. Well, we just hope that this couple always stays happy and keeps giving relationship and fashion goals.

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