These are the 3 famous things of Almora, the last one will fascinate you; Will not feel like returning after seeing

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Rohit Bhatt/ Almora: If you are coming to visit Almora, the cultural city of Uttarakhand, then do not miss three things at all after coming here. If you do not know about them then today we will tell you. The first is the famous Bal Mithai Almora of Almora, which everyone likes to eat. It is eaten with great enthusiasm by the local people as well as the tourists coming from outside. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a fan of the Baal sweets here. The second is the historical Malla Mahal of Almora, where stories related to Chand dynasty kings can still be seen and heard. It is now being converted into a museum. The third in this series is the beautiful view of sunset seen from Bright End Corner, to see which people come here from far and wide. You will hardly get to see such a view of sunset from anywhere else than Almora.

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Local resident Surendra Singh Bisht tells PressNews24 that whoever comes to Almora, definitely eats the famous Bal Sweets of Almora and also takes it back as a gift. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also a fan of Almora's famous Baal Mithai. International badminton player Lakshya Sen had presented Bal sweets to the Prime Minister. Along with the local people, tourists coming from outside are also crazy about this sweet.

Pride of Almora Malla Mahal
Local resident Vaibhav Pandey told PressNews24 that the historic Malla Mahal is the pride of Almora. Things related to Chand dynasty kings can still be seen here. Malla Mahal is situated at a very high altitude, people come here from far and wide to see it. Now this place is being transformed into a museum, which can become a very important place from the tourism point of view in the future.

The new name of Bright End Corner is Vivekananda Corner.
Tourist Indrani Bhattacharya told PressNews24 that she enjoyed visiting Bright End Corner. He had heard a lot about this place that one can get the best view of sunset from here. She has taken many videos and photographs from here, which she will take with her as a memory of this place. Bright End Corner is also called Vivekananda Corner. It has been given this name some time ago. But even today its name remains Bright and Corner on people's lips.

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