These are prisoners, not body builders, made 'six pack abs' in jail, health improved with gym

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Report- Vishal Jha
Ghaziabad. Exercise is very important to improve your physical and mental health. In ordinary life, a person can improve his physical or mental condition by going to the park or gym. But if we talk about jail, it is often understood that the physical and mental condition of the prisoners in jail remains quite stressful. prisoners Understanding this problem, a hi-tech gym has been built in Dasna District Jail of Ghaziabad to improve the mental and physical level of the prisoners.

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At a glance, this gym looks exactly like a private gym. The special thing is that here the trainers are also imprisoned and the gym goers are also imprisoned. From young prisoners to elderly people also come to this gym and keep themselves fit. There are many types of activities in jail. In this it is necessary to be physically fit.

Mental and physical activity
Dasna Jail Superintendent Alok Singh says that there are more than 4 thousand prisoners here. It is very important that the people living here remain physically and mentally fit. For physical health, facilities like yoga, PT and gym etc. are available in the jail so that the prisoners remain conscious about their health and remain healthy. Apart from this, counseling is also done for mental health. Art and craft, music, dance etc. are also organized here.

boli builder prisoner
Jail Superintendent Alok Singh says that special care is being taken of the health of the prisoners. Due to this, the prisoners tend towards new and good things. The tendency to think about crime ends. They are ready to make positive contribution to the society. There are many prisoners who were very fat earlier but today their bodies are absolutely fit. He is becoming an example for others.

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