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Anjali Singh Rajput/Lucknow:Team India coach Rahul Dravid has once again won hearts with his simplicity. Like a normal citizen, he stood in the queue, waited for his turn and then voted. Dravid has always remained beyond the VVIP culture and lived like a common citizen. He once again confirmed this.

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Actually, in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, voting is taking place on 88 seats in 13 states on Friday. These seats also include Bengaluru, where Team India coach Rahul Dravid is a voter. Dravid exercised his franchise at the polling booth located in Dollar Colony, Bangalore North.

Rahul Dravid himself drove to the polling place and stood in the queue of people already waiting to vote. Seeing his simplicity, everyone once again became his admirer.

No voting on brand ambassador?
Rahul Dravid was made its brand ambassador by the Election Commission of Karnataka in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Dravid was made the brand ambassador to woo voters, but his own name was struck off from the voter list. In fact, before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Dravid had left his ancestral home in Indiranagar and shifted to the suburbs of North Bengaluru. His brother Vijay got his name removed from the voter list of his old address, but Rahul did not get his name registered in the voter list after going to the new address. Because of this his name was struck off from the voter list.

Dravid will be tested after the leaders
The Indian team has to play the T20 World Cup in June-July this year. Team India will face the challenge of winning the World Cup. Despite being a strong contender for the title in the 50 over World Cup played in India last year, the Indian team had lost the chance of becoming champion by reaching the finals. In such a situation, coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma will have to go through a tough test to make the team world champion.

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