There is no Yamraj on the buffalo, policemen come, if any mistake can become 'Kaal'

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Brazil Police Patrolling on Buffalo: Marajo Island is located in the northern part of Brazil, which is an ecological treasure. Here the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The police use a unique system to patrol this island, approximately the size of Switzerland. Which has attracted the attention of the world. Here the military police patrol the roads and fields not on horses or carts but on Asian buffaloes. The Asian buffalo is an animal found in India and Southeast Asia. It has found an unexpected home on Marajo Island.

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But the journey of Asian buffaloes to reach this Brazilian island is shrouded in mystery. Some believe they came from a shipwreck off the coast, while others claim they were brought by escaping prisoners from French Guiana. Despite this, these buffaloes have flourished in the tropical climate of Marajo, whose number is now about 5 lakhs. Whereas the human population on the island is around 440,000.

Buffalo deeply linked to local culture and economy
These buffaloes are not just a new thing, but they are deeply embedded in the local culture and economy. They serve as work animals, pulling laden carts, assisting farmers in the fields and even taking part in local festivals featuring buffalo races. Their presence is also seen in food, in which many dishes of buffalo meat are included in the menu of hotels.

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Buffaloes are better than horses and carts in marshy areas
But buffaloes play the most important role in law enforcement on Marajo Island. Marazzo's term “Buffalo Soldiers” refers to 19th century army regiments. It is a unit of military police that rides buffaloes equipped with specially adapted seats. The practice began out of necessity three decades ago, when Marazzo's flooded areas made traditional patrolling methods impractical. The buffalo's ability to move through muddy mangroves and flooded areas during the rainy season gives them an edge over horses and carts.

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