There is no strong opposition in 10 years, this is the pain in the heart… Why did PM Modi say this?

Ronit Kawale
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New Delhi: In the midst of the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that he misses a 'strong opposition'. In an interview to a private news channel, the PM said that the absence of a strong opposition pains him. During the interview, the PM was asked that there is no strong opposition against him and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has not been able to challenge him. PM Modi did not say anything directly about Rahul Gandhi, but he said that in the last 10 years as Prime Minister, he has not got a strong opposition.

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'There is no good opposition in my life'
PM Modi said, 'It is very important to have a strong opposition in a democracy, which keeps the government on its toes. Such an opposition is very important. There is no dearth of talent in this country and they should get opportunities. I thought that from 2014 to 2024 I should get a strong opposition, if there is one thing missing in my life, it is a good opposition.'

'Congress did not get any positive contribution'
Attacking the Congress, the Prime Minister said that he did not get any positive contribution from the Congress. He said, 'Congress had run the government for 60 years, so I thought I would take advice from them so that it could help me. As long as Pranab Mukherjee was there, I benefited from him because he used to share his experience. But I did not get any benefit from the opposition. I only benefited from my party colleagues and my experience as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.'

'The opposition is of no use'
Modi further said that the opposition is of no use to him. It is so negative that it opposes even the decisions taken in the interest of the country for political gains, even if those decisions are sometimes included in its manifesto. This is a matter of great concern. In a big democracy like India, there should be a strong opposition, there should be an aware opposition, there should be an active opposition, it should be educated and knowledgeable, everyone benefits from this. When I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, our opposition was good. Now the situation is not good, this pains my heart.

'Khan Market gang is after me'
The Prime Minister also spoke about how his opponents had been abusing him for more than two decades and defaming him on the cover of several magazines. “The Khan Market gang and some people in the media were always after me. I never lost my patience and restraint. Now they have to put my smiling face on the cover. I fulfil my responsibility,” the Prime Minister said. “It would be good if there were limits to speech in public life and decent words were used. Criticism can be done, but it should be done in a good way. We can also make mistakes, but why should I preach to everyone. The situation is not good on this front in India,” the Prime Minister said.

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