There is a shortage of blood in the biggest hospital of the state, the administration and doctors…

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Ankit Rajput/Jaipur. Often people say that donate education for children, donate service for elders, contribute to society and donate blood for humanity. But currently there has been a huge shortage of blood in Sawai Mansingh Hospital, the biggest hospital of Rajasthan. In such a situation, every drop of blood is like nectar for a patient. However, due to the shortage of blood in the blood bank of Sawai Mansingh Hospital, the hospital administration has appealed to the people and social organizations to donate as much blood as possible so that the lives of the patients in the hospital can be saved. Although being the largest hospital of the state, there is blood in stock here, but sometimes there is a sudden shortage due to the demand for blood among the patients.

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After reaching the largest and oldest hospital of the state, PressNews24 talked to senior doctors and administration, then senior doctor of the blood bank department of the hospital, B.S. Meena, said that currently 8 blood banks are operated under the department in the hospital. We are going and supplying 250 to 300 units of blood to these blood banks every day. Dr. B.S. Meena says that with the help of prominent social workers and blood banks, blood is always kept in advance stock for the patients in the hospital. But every year during the summer season, the number of blood donation campuses and blood donors decreases. Sometimes the demand for blood for patients suddenly increases. Therefore there is lack of blood.

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Appeal for blood donation from hospital administration
The demand for blood will be high in the coming summer days, hence Sawai Mansingh Hospital and Dr. B.S. Meena have appealed to the people and social organizations that maximum number of people should come to Sawai Mansingh Hospital and donate blood. So that the lives of more and more patients can be saved, in cases of most diseases and road accidents, blood is the first requirement, hence people should donate blood enthusiastically.

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