There is a lot of talk about Kavya Maran, do you remember Gayatri Reddy?

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New Delhi. During the Indian Premier League 2024, Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise owner Kavya Maran was in the news a lot. In the final, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated her team and won the IPL title. Even after Hyderabad's one-sided defeat, she reached the dressing room to encourage the team. From the first match to the last match, Kavya was seen clapping for every player present in the stadium. Earlier, when Hyderabad's team used to be Deccan Chargers, Gayatri Reddy was also in the news in a similar way.

The city of Hyderabad has been a part of this tournament since the first edition of IPL. In the initial seasons, the team played under the name of Deccan Chargers. Gayatri Reddy used to be the owner of Hyderabad's franchise team Deccan. When the tournament started in 2008, she helped her father in forming this team. In the second season itself, the team of Deccan Chargers won the IPL title.

Gayatri Reddy had formed the team
The Hyderabad team was bought by T Venkatram, the owner of Deccan Chronicle newspaper. The team was named Deccan Chargers. His daughter Gayatri, who was working as a feature editor in the newspaper, took the responsibility of managing the team. She contributed to the plan of improving the team from auction to match. This team could not do anything special in the first season of IPL. This team, which played under the captaincy of VVS Laxman, finished eighth.

In the second season, the command of the Deccan Chargers team was given to Adam Gilchrist. The team played brilliantly and made it to the finals. This team won the first title for Hyderabad with a thrilling 6-run victory in the final against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gayatri Reddy played a major role in the team's victory. In 2012, this team faced financial difficulties and Sun TV Network owner Kalanithi Maran bought this team for Rs 425 crore.

first published : May 29, 2024, 05:46 IST

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