There has been no love or arranged marriage with Congress… Why did Arvind Kejriwal say this for the alliance

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New Delhi : Only a few days are left for the final phase of voting and results of the Lok Sabha elections. From NDA to AAP and other parties, everyone is now busy estimating the seats and assessing the situation after the results. Meanwhile, a different statement has come out regarding the coordination between the two major allies of the AAP alliance. Delhi CM has raised questions about the future of the AAP-Congress alliance. During an interview, Kejriwal made an important comment about the coordination between the two parties. Kejriwal clearly said that there is nothing like a love or arranged marriage between Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

When will the AAP-Congress alliance work?

After this statement of Kejriwal, questions are being raised as to how long the coordination between the two parties will last. Kejriwal made it clear that the political alliance with Congress is temporary. Kejriwal said that they have come together only to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party in this Lok Sabha election. Kejriwal said that it is not that we have got married. This is not an arranged or love marriage. We have come together to save the country and fight this election by June 4. The AAP chief said that at present his goal is to defeat the BJP and end the 'dictatorship and hooliganism' of the current regime.

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All India Alliance got 300 seats

The Delhi Chief Minister further said that wherever there was a need to challenge the BJP, AAP and Congress joined hands. He said that it is important to save the country. Kejriwal said that wherever there was a need for an alliance to defeat the BJP, AAP and Congress fielded candidates together. The BJP has no existence in Punjab. Kejriwal claimed that the AAP will win at least 15 out of 22 seats in this general election. He also said that the Bharat Alliance will win at least 300 out of 543 Lok Sabha seats.

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There is no question of resigning

On the question of resigning in the Delhi liquor policy scam case, Kejriwal made it clear that he will not resign. Kejriwal said that I will not resign. He said that my going to jail is not an issue. The future of this country is at stake… They can keep me in jail as long as they want, I am not going to be afraid. He said that there is no question of resigning from the post of Chief Minister of Delhi just on the behest of BJP.

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