Therapist told parents not to behave too coldly with teenage children, told the right way of parenting.

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If we talk about raising children, parents have to face many problems and obstacles. When it comes to raising teenage children, the challenges increase even more.

Nowadays parents behave very well with their children and live with them like a friend. However, therapist Riri Trivedi says that parents should not stay too close to their children.

Trivedi has shared a video on her Instagram in which she is telling how parents should behave with their teenage children. If your child is also in teenage then you must listen to them, know what they have said.

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How to deal with teenage children?

don't want to be a good parent

Riri said in the video that parents shouldn't try to be too cool a parent. He said that as soon as children enter adolescence, parents give them too much freedom and say that now we are friends and do not make any rules etc. for the children, which is absolutely wrong.

Kids need rules and regulations

Riri said that when children reach adolescence, they need to keep their minds within the limits of rules and laws. The minds of adolescents are not like those of adults and the minds of children of this age take more time to develop. Whatever children do at this age, they do without thinking.

It is important to discuss right and wrong

It is important to discuss right and wrong

Riri told parents that they should make some rules with the teen. Talk to him and discuss what will work for you and him and what will not. Make some rules for the child but also tell him why you have made these rules. Also tell the child the logic behind any rule.

Make decisions together with the children

make decisions together with children

You should not take any decision related to your child on your own, but you should take the decision together with him. Talk to the child about what will be good and what will be difficult for him. By taking decisions together with teenage children, the children also remain happy. Nothing should be imposed on children of this age.

teach you to make right decisions

teaches you to make good decisions

Riri says that in adolescence, children are still understanding many things and are not able to become fully adults. In such a situation, it is not right to give them complete freedom. You are an elder so you should understand well that the child is not capable of taking every decision right now. You give him suggestions and teach him to take his decisions within limits. Also tell him the consequences of any decision or action so that he takes his decisions thoughtfully.

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