The road to Panghat is difficult…the first hurdle has been crossed but many paths will have to be adopted to build consensus on the issues

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The background for the swearing-in ceremony of the third term of the NDA government and the work to begin thereafter was prepared on Friday. After falling short of majority on its own, the BJP for the first time crossed the hurdle with the help of allies. Now the work will begin after the swearing-in ceremony on Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also indicated that the agenda of governance will continue as before and there will be no hindrance in it. On the first day, the chemistry with the allies also looked better. Immediately after the swearing-in, the first foreign tour of the third term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also begin. Obviously, the distribution of ministries will also be done before this. According to sources, all the allies have expectations in the distribution of ministries.

Statements made in public

Although all the parties are claiming that there will be no problem on the issue of ministry, but on Friday there was a round of public statements. JDU's newly elected MP Lovely Ananda's husband Anand Mohan gave a statement that the post of Railway Minister is the right of JDU. He has also demanded a special package for Bihar. BJP is getting the maximum support from Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Whereas these are the two states which have been demanding a special package from the central government for the last few years. Now that both the big parties of the state will be partners in power at the center, it will not be possible for them to back down from their demand and it will not be so easy for the center to accept the demand of only two states.The issue of Muslim reservation also arose
In 2019, Chandrababu Naidu broke away from the NDA on this issue. At the same time, opposition parties in both the states have started putting pressure on these regional parties. RJD MP Manoj Jha said that the first expectation from the new government should now be that it announces special state status for Bihar. This is not just a matter of one issue. In Andhra Pradesh too, TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu's son and party leader Nara Lokesh said in an interview that his party is in favor of Muslim reservation in Andhra Pradesh. It is known that BJP had strongly opposed this Muslim reservation and made it a big issue in this general election. BJP had talked about ending this reservation.

Statement on Agniveer and UCC
In Andhra Pradesh, TDP has been getting a large share of Muslim votes. In such a situation, TDP will also take a cautious stand on other sensitive issues. Nara Lokesh also said that there should not be politics of revenge and investigative agencies should not be misused. Similarly, a day earlier, JDU had given a cautious statement on Agniveer and Uniform Civil Code. Similarly, the balance between Eknath Shinde's Shiv Sena and Ajit Pawar's NCP in Maharashtra is also important because assembly elections are to be held there at the end of this year. There, NDA has performed very average in the general elections as compared to 2019.

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