The Pakistani team will not improve, now the captain made fun of his teammate, said- this rhino is not straight… watch VIDEO

Orhan Wadia
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New Delhi. It is rare that the Pakistani cricket team is on the field and there is no controversy. This team is not only infamous for fighting with opponents, but its players also keep fighting among themselves. From matches to practice sessions. This was also seen during the preparation for the T20 World Cup when captain Babar Azam called his own teammate a rhinoceros.

The Pakistan team is in America these days. Its first match in the T20 World Cup is to be played against host America in Dallas. A video has surfaced of the time when the Pakistani team was warming up to prepare for this match. In this video, Babar Azam is calling his own wicketkeeper batsman Azam Khan a rhinoceros.

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In this video, 7-8 Pakistani players are seen. These players are practicing with a rugby ball. These players have to catch the ball. When all the players stand alert, Azam Khan looks a little careless. Then Babar Azam points towards his young player and says, this rhino has not straightened up…

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