The lure of a big salary! 60 Indians stranded in Cambodia were rescued and brought to India, know the whole story

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Special Correspondent, New Delhi: The first batch of 60 Indians trapped in the clutches of fraudulent employers in Cambodia has arrived in India. The Indian Embassy said that all these people were rescued on May 20 from a place called Jinbei 4. After the rescue operation, Cambodian officials told the embassy that they were sent from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh so that they could return to India. The embassy has said that the Cambodian administration helped all these 60 people to return home.

Took a typing test and asked to copy

Just two days ago, Andhra Pradesh police had informed that on 20 May, 300 Indians had rebelled against their masters in Cambodia. Due to which, large scale protests were seen in Jinbei and Sihanoukville. These are the places which are considered to be the centers of cyber fraud, after which an operation was launched to remove them from there. In fact, on 29 March, when the news of thousands of people being forced into cyber fraud in the name of employment in Cambodia came to light, the Ministry of External Affairs had also issued an advisory for Cambodia. It said that those who want to go to Cambodia should go only through authorized agents.

Advice- Avoid going to Cambodia

Along with this, the Ministry of External Affairs said that 250 people stranded there were rescued and brought to India. Out of these, 75 people were rescued in the last three months only. Firstly, a media report claimed that 5000 Indian people in Cambodia are not only being forced to live there against their will but they are also being forced into cyber fraud. Agents had sent people to Cambodia on the pretext of data entry jobs and now they are stuck there. After the news surfaced, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that we have seen reports of Indian citizens being stranded in Cambodia. The Indian Embassy is taking immediate action on the complaints of those citizens.

What causes cyber fraud?

The Visakhapatnam police have said that Indians protesting to get out of cyber fraud centres in Cambodia had also sent some videos to the police. There, people forced to commit cyber fraud were being forced to commit fraud against their own countrymen. Last year, a United Nations report claimed that most of the victims were from Asian countries. The report indicated that the reason behind the increasing cyber fraud is people being confined to their homes during Covid and spending more time in online activities.

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