The journalist called Laila's father from Ethiopia by paying 11 thousand rupees, Rakhi Sawant's brother had signed

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Mumbai: Mumbai Sessions Court on Friday sentenced Parvez Tak to death for the murder of Laila Khan, her mother and four siblings. Retired ACP Deepak Phatangre, who was involved in the investigation of this case, told NBT that he had produced 41 witnesses in this 2011 murder case. Among them were six doctors. There were also three people associated with the forensic lab. After killing all the people, the accused buried their bodies in a farm house in Igatpuri. The story of solving this case was told to NBT by journalist Nishat Shamsi. He was associated with a TV channel in those days. According to Shamsi, he was contacted by Rakhi Sawant's brother Rakesh Sawant. Rakesh told that he had cast Laila in the film Jinnat and had given her a huge amount as signing amount. But he could not find Laila. Despite calling her several times, he could not contact her. Shamsi suggested Rakesh to first lodge an official complaint in this matter with the police, only then there would be a possibility of getting back the money given to Laila. Shamsi himself approached a senior officer of Oshiwara police station. The senior officer told the journalist that you have a blood relation with Laila, otherwise you cannot file a complaint on your own.

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Family background removed

Then according to Nishat Shamsi, he started finding out the background of Laila and her family. There he came to know that Laila's mother Salina had married twice. Her first marriage was with Nadir Patel. They had four children. Salina's marriage with Nadir lasted for about two and a half decades. After this, both of them got divorced. After this, Salina married someone named Asif. According to Nishat Shamsi, when he got information about Asif, he came to know that he lives somewhere in Andheri. When he was somehow contacted, he told that he had divorced Salina two years ago. Now, according to his knowledge, Salina has married a third person, about whom Asif did not have much information.

What did ACP Deepak Phatangre say?

According to Nishat Shamsi, he came to know from his sources that Laila's mother's first husband Nadir had married someone else after divorcing Salina. His second wife lives in Mira Road. Shamsi went to Mira Road. Nadir's wife told him that her husband lives in Ethiopia these days in connection with the clothing business. Due to financial reasons, Nadir was not likely to come to India soon, so according to Shamsi, he arranged 11 thousand rupees for Nadir. After this Nadir came to India. Then he lodged an FIR with the Oshiwara police. Later, the case was transferred to the Teli Gali unit of the Crime Branch, whose in-charge in those days was Deepak Phatangre. Shamsi says, among the six people killed by Parvez Tak, apart from Salina, four children born to Nadir from her marriage and her aunt's daughter living with them were also killed.

different reasons for murder

There are different stories about why Parvez committed this murder. According to an official, Parvez had given a huge amount of money to Laila's mother Salina for a film. She was not returning it. Later she asked Parvez to marry her. Parvez agreed to this, but after a few days of marriage he realized that Salina treated him badly like a servant.

Another story that has come to light is that Parvez had asked all of Salina's children to go to Dubai to work and send him the money they earn from there. When all the children refused to do so, he, along with these children, murdered Salina.

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