The definition of wages will change, money will be given on the basis of accommodation, education and treatment.

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The definition of wages will change, money will be given on the basis of accommodation, education and treatment.


Labor Department officials have sought help from ILO.
Will be decided on the basis of basic needs.
Therefore, once the new wage is implemented, the earnings of workers will increase.

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New Delhi. The government is preparing to change the definition of wages soon. Now instead of fixing the minimum wage, the wage will be decided according to the needs of the family. The government has set a target of abolishing minimum wage and implementing living wage by 2025. For this, help of International Labor Organization (ILO) will be taken.

According to the report of Economic Times, Labor Department officials have sought help from ILO. For this, help has been sought from ILO to determine the capacity, collect data and know what impact the living wage will have. At present, workers are paid on the basis of minimum wages in the country. It applies equally across the country, but the government feels the need to implement wages based on the expenses of the workers.

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What will the new living wage be like?
Under the Living Wage, a worker's income will be decided on the basis of his basic needs. In this, payment will be decided based on the needs of housing, food, health, education and clothing. Therefore, once the new wages are implemented, the workers' earnings will increase, because obviously more money will be required to meet these needs. A government official related to the matter said that we will move beyond the minimum wage within a year.

ILO approved the plan
ILO had recently approved these changes regarding living wage in its meeting held in Geneva. There are more than 50 crore workers in a country like India, out of which 90 percent come from the unorganized sector. The daily minimum wage here is Rs 176, which is decided differently in every state. If seen, the national wage has not been changed since 2017.

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The bill was passed in 2019
The government had passed the wage bill in 2019 itself. In this it was said that the same minimum wage should be implemented in all the states. India has been a member of ILO since its establishment in 1992. It is believed that to eliminate poverty, the government is preparing to implement living wage instead of minimum wage.

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