The dark deeds of the sea, the reality of social media! 5 documentaries of OTT show the shocking truth

Ronit Kawale
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There is a plethora of movies and web series on the OTT platform Netflix. If you sit with your phone, then sometimes you get so confused as to what to watch? Many times you do not feel like watching action movies or suspense-filled web series. If you also find yourself in this category and want to watch something different, then you have come to the right place. We have brought five such documentaries for you, after watching which you will get a different perspective of looking at the world. One to one and a half hour documentaries that change your life. This list is also for those who want to use the time left in the evening after office work. Let us then tell you the whole story without delay.

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1. Seaspiracy

The world of the sea is beautiful, but you will be shocked to know about the dark deeds hidden behind it. How nature is tampered with, illegal activities are carried out, what else happens on big ships apart from fishing, if you want to know this aspect of life more closely then do not miss this show at all.

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2. The Social Dilemma

In today's world, social media has become an important part of everyone's life. Here you get everything. Everything. But you have to pay a heavy price for this, about which many people are unaware. If you want to know how it works, how many people are behind it, who are playing with your mind, then watch 'The Social Dilemma'.

3. 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible

When you are in the mountains, if you give up, you lose your life. There are more than 14 mountains in the world, which are more than 8 thousand meters high. Some people set out to conquer these mountains. You will be shocked to know what happens to them, what challenges they have to face. If you like adventure, then this is a good option.

4. Mind, interpretation

Want to learn about the brain? From dreaming to anxiety, how it works, what affects what… and so much more. This documentary is truly unique.

5. Essence: The Art of Design

Art…design…seeing all this gives peace to the eyes. But there is a lot of hard work hidden behind it. Be it the designing of a car or someone's wedding venue. This documentary is also a good option to see something different.

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