The country will not forgive the opposition for conspiring against the electoral process, why did PM Modi say this?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : After the victory in the general elections, PM Modi is slowly coming back to his old form once again. PM Modi attended the NDA parliamentary party meeting on Friday. In the meeting, PM Modi once again targeted the opposition. During this, the PM accused the opposition of conspiring against the electoral process. PM Modi said that on June 4, the election results were coming, I was busy with some of my work. Later I started getting calls. I asked someone whether the figures were correct? Tell me whether the EVM is alive or dead. Before June 4, these people (India Alliance) were constantly abusing the EVM and these people had decided that people should lose faith in the process of India's democracy. I thought that this time these people would take out a funeral procession of the EVM, but by the evening of June 4, their mouths were shut, the EVM silenced them.

The work of the Election Commission was obstructed

PM Modi further said that I have seen for the first time during the elections that perhaps every third day, the work of the Election Commission is obstructed. For this, the Supreme Court was approached. Only one group was involved in this work. They kept trying to obstruct by using the Supreme Court. A large part of the Election Commission's power was in the courts. During the peak hours of the election, these people came out in the field with such desperation that they launched the entire attack on that institution, so that whatever be the result of the election, we can defame India in front of the world. This was part of the conspiracy. But, the country will never forgive these people.

A conspiracy to create distrust among people

He further said that I am beating the drum in the world that we are the mother of democracy and they are going to the world and saying that there is no democracy here, Modi came and sat, how did a tea seller reach here. Something must have gone wrong. This is a conspiracy to create distrust among the people of India towards the election process. I believe that now the world will also be attracted to know and understand the diversity, vastness, width and depth of India's democracy. In such a situation, I am keeping an eye on the results of this election. He said that for two days after the election results came, some people created such an atmosphere that we lost. But, the countrymen know that we were neither defeated nor have lost. Our values ​​are such that there is no frenzy of victory and we do not even mock defeat.

These people are against modernity and technology

These people are against modernity and technology

He said that the opposition Bharat Alliance opposes EVM, I do not see it as just an election. I believe that these people have the mentality of the last century. These people do not appreciate technology and are not ready to accept it. It is not that this is not seen only in EVM, it is seen in UPI. We said that the people of India will do digital transactions. Today India has become famous in the world of fintech. They are not ready to accept it. Aadhaar has become the identity of the country today. Many countries say that we also have to take the Aadhaar system forward, how can you help. They repeatedly went to the Supreme Court regarding Aadhaar and created problems. The people of the opposition alliance are against progress, modernity, technology.

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