The child feels emotions like sadness, irritability and happiness in the mother's womb, all the signals come from this organ.

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When a woman conceives, a tiny life begins to grow in her womb. It is said that whatever a mother feels for nine months, her child also feels the same. This is why women are always advised to remain happy during pregnancy.

Talking about a child's emotions, he feels the same as his mother. In this article we are telling you what emotions the child feels in the womb. If you are also pregnant then you will also enjoy knowing about it.

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Child's emotions are linked to mother's

A study conducted by the University of California, Irvine found that the mother's emotional level affects the baby both inside the womb and after birth. The baby continues to receive messages from the mother throughout the pregnancy. Be it the sound of a heartbeat or you singing to your baby, he can feel everything.

baby gets signals

rmccares According to an article published in, your baby receives chemical and hormonal signals through the placenta. These signs connect you emotionally to your baby. If the mother is sad or depressed, the child also feels these emotions. The emotional state of the mother during pregnancy has a deep impact on the life of the child.

feel love

feel love

When a pregnant woman is loved and supported by her partner, family and friends, she feels loved and your baby can feel it too. With love you reduce stress, which keeps your BP normal. This reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy.

burning sensation

burning sensation

It is natural for any person to have feelings of jealousy and envy, but if you are pregnant then you should stay away from these feelings because they can affect your child as well. Irritability releases stress hormones and can also cause stress in the child. You may also have trouble sleeping and eating and this will have a negative impact on your baby as well.

the child feels uncomfortable

the child feels uncomfortable

Uneasiness and nervousness are common during pregnancy. At this time, the mother gets scared about many things, but with anxiety, a hormone called cortisol is released in large quantities. This can cause problems like depression, fatigue, headache and high BP. To avoid anxiety, you can take help of yoga or aromatherapy.

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