That secret city of Russia, where residents were prohibited from even voting, has disappeared from the map of the country.

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There were three secret cities in Russia, which came to light a few years ago.
Russia did not show these cities on the country's map for decades.
All three cities were used as intelligence bases for a long time.

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usually But North Korea is considered to be the most mysterious country in the world because it is the most isolated country and we hardly get information about any activity there. But it is probably not the only country in this matter. Talking about Russia, there were three such secret cities in this country, about which the world came to know only a few years ago. Russia did not show these cities on the country's map for decades. What's more, the post codes of these cities were also not given.

There were intelligence bases in these cities
Three Russian cities, Sarov, Elektrostal and Desnogorsk, were used as its intelligence bases for a long time. There was a time when there were Russian intelligence laboratories in all three cities. This was the time when it had nuclear weapons rivalry with America. Russia's first nuclear bomb was prepared at the Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov. To ensure that no one is aware, all three cities were not even shown on the map.

Found out after the Soviet Union split
After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1990, the world came to know about these secret cities that such cities also exist. At that time, even trains or buses did not go there, but only very special people could reach there with a pass. These people were scientists working on nuclear weapons, their families and people holding high positions in Russia. To enable important letters to reach the scientists and employees working at those places, there used to be a special postal code here, like the postal code of Sarov was – Arzamas-16. No one knew who lived there and what they did?

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Top scientists lived here
Top scientists working on nuclear weapons and their families lived in these secret cities. help with their household chores The staff lived for. Schools and entertainment facilities were available within the cities only. Everything was made in such a way that no one needed to go out. Scientists working on nuclear weapons were made to sign contracts in which they took an oath not to reveal their identity. Once this confidentiality agreement was signed, it remained in effect for life. Even if the scientists retire. They did not even have the right to vote. In return the government would provide many facilities to him and his family.

Still can't go to Sarov without pass
Life is still restricted in Sarov. Here are the top research institutes of Russia, where preparations for some intelligence operation keep going on. Sarov city in particular is completely surrounded by electric fence and police patrolling continues. No one can enter here without a pass. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the nineties, these secret cities started becoming vacant, but President Vladimir Putin started paying attention to these cities as soon as he took power.

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5 scientists were found dead in 2019
Now again a lot of money is being invested here for nuclear weapons. In the year 2019, 5 scientists working in the lab here were found dead. No one knows what really happened, although the Russian government says he died during a rocket engine test. However, after this nothing could be found out about it nor was there any news in the local or international media.

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