That Bollywood film released 84 years ago, in which Holi was played, colors were not visible

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New Delhi. The world is getting drenched with Holi. Everyone is lost in the excitement of Holi. People are dancing to the Bollywood songs of Holi, but do you know which is the Bollywood film in which Holi was shown on screen for the first time. The stars were also having a lot of fun with the colors, but people were not able to see these colors on their screens. You are surprised, let us tell you why.

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If we join forces with the evergreen songs of Holi along with Gulal, Pichkari and delicious dishes, then the fun of the festival doubles. Do you know when and with which film the trend of celebrating Holi started in Hindi cinema? Some people believe it to be from the film 'Mother India'. If you too were thinking like this, then you are wrong.

Holi colors were seen on screen for the first time before independence
84 years ago i.e. in 1940, a film was released in which Holi was shown on screen for the first time. Before independence, a film was released in 1940, whose name was 'Aurat'. Holi celebration was seen for the first time in this film. The director of the film was Mehboob Khan, who started this trend, a Holi scene was created in the film and a song was also made, the lyrics of which were 'Jamna Tat Shyam Khele Holi…' but people did not use these colors of Holi on the curtains. But couldn't see.

Why were the colors of Holi not visible?
Actually, this was the era when there was no era of color films. Movies were made in black and white. Holi was played with colors in the film, but people could not see it because it was a black and white film on the screen. However, after 17 years, Mehboob Khan again celebrated Holi with the stars in his second film and also showed those colors on the screens.

This film was a remake of 'Aurat'
This film was the 1957 film 'Mother India'. This was a remake of the film 'Aurat', which was directed by Mehboob Khan. This was a color film. A song from the film 'Holi Aayi Re Kanhai' is still heard widely.

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