Tears will flow from your eyes after watching the trailer of the new Bhojpuri film 'Maa Baap Ka Batwara', video goes viral

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The trailer of the new Bhojpuri film 'Maa Baap Ka Batwara' has been released just two days ago. This 4 minute 23 second video is going viral on YouTube and after watching it, everyone's eyes are filled with tears. Till now you must have seen the division of house and property, but in this film directed by Ishtiaq Sheikh Bunty, the sons have divided their parents as well, that too in the same house where the old parents had raised their two children with love and care. Shubhi Sharma, Gunjan Panth, Shailesh Mishra, Prem Dubey, Reena Singh, Amit Shukla, Aya Khan, Prashant Singh, Anu Ojha have appeared in the Bhojpuri film Maa Baap Ka Batwara. The concept is by Sandeep Singh and Vishal Yadav. The screenplay is written by Satyendra Singh. The music is by Sajan Mishra and the lyricist is Pyare Lal Yadav.

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It shows that two sons and daughters-in-law do not get along. Their fights trouble the parents, but when they divide the house while the parents are alive, the whole village is shocked. They even divide the parents. After this begins a heart-touching story. In Takki-Tukka, the sons do not take care of their parents. In such a situation, one day the father announces that he will give everything to the one who serves him.

Guilt in the fight between sons
There will be some fun and laughter in the film, but tears will come out of your eyes when the father loses his life in a fight between two sons. Only then the eyes of the sons open, but by then it is too late.

These singers have given their voices in the songs of the film There are many songs in this film, which have been voiced by Sugam Singh, Alka Jha, Sandhya Sargam, Priyanka Singh. Choreographers are Kanu Mukherjee and Sonu Pritam. Producers of this film are Sandeep Singh, Anjani Tiwari and Neelabh Tiwari.

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