Team India's pain: Rohit was playing a shot, suddenly the ball bounced and he got seriously injured, he had to retire

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New Delhi. The Indian team made a great start in the T20 World Cup. The bowlers restricted Ireland to less than 100 runs. After this, the batsmen achieved the target in the 13th over itself. But the joy of the excellent performance of the Indian team turned into worry when captain Rohit Sharma got injured. Rohit continued to play despite the injury. He hit some good shots even after the injury, but not for long. After some time, he had to retire due to pain.

The ball that hit Rohit Sharma was on such a line-length that he often sends it across the boundary. But this time Rohit was deceived. Actually, this ball of Mark Adair was pitching outside the off stump and was going away from the angle. Rohit Sharma was already ready for this ball. As soon as Adair threw the ball, Rohit shook himself. He took his left foot out of the off stump and tried to play a pull shot. But the drop-in pitch with irregular bounce deceived him. The ball bounced more than expected and hit Rohit's right hand.

After getting injured, Rohit raised questions on the 'drop in' pitch, said- I don't understand this…

Rohit Sharma was confused for a moment. He turned completely in an attempt to play a shot. On the other hand, the ball hit his hand and went into the hands of the fielder standing at point. The ball was far away from the bat but Ireland took a review in excitement. After seeing the review, the third umpire dashed Ireland's hopes by declaring Rohit not out.

Rohit Sharma got injured and he took revenge on the next two balls. The Indian captain hit sixes on the next two balls of Joshua Little. Rohit played 11 balls after getting injured and scored 22 runs on them. After this, when his personal score was 52 runs and the Indian team was close to victory, he retired hurt and returned to the pavilion. Rohit hit 3 sixes and 4 fours in his innings of 37 balls.

Rohit Sharma said after the match, “It is a minor injury. I said at the time of toss that I don't know how this pitch will be. This is a new ground. This is a new venue. I think the pitch has not settled yet and was helping the bowlers a lot.”

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