Taha Shah and Pratibha Ranta went on a dinner date, fans were thrilled to see 'Hiramandi' Tajdar and Shama together.

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Ever since Sanjay Leela Bhansali's series 'Heeramandi' streamed on Netflix, people are unable to take their eyes off Tajdar. His female fan following has increased tremendously. Wherever he goes, people recognize him as Tajdar more than Taha. Now he was seen with his co-actress Pratibha Ranta, after which the video went viral. The new 'National Crush' Taha Shah Badusha, who won hearts by playing the character of Tajdar in Heeramandi, was seen with his co-star Pratibha Ranta aka Shama. Their video is going viral on social media. Both the actors went on a dinner date together and after posing for the paparazzi, left in the same car.

Taha and Pratibha's dinner date

In a video shared on Instagram, Taha Shah Badusha and his 'Heeramandi' co-star Pratibha Ranta are seen coming out of the restaurant together after a dinner date. Taha wore a T-shirt and jeans and also a cap. Pratibha looked very beautiful in a pink top and denim.

Fans were thrilled to see them both together

Both the actors posed for the paparazzi before getting into the car and then left the car smiling. Now after watching this clip, people have started praising the actor's look. Taha was also seen at the Cannes Film Festival recently. The actor told in an interview that even there people recognized him as Tajdar.

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