Strong determination at a young age, 16-year-old girl hoisted the tricolor flag on Mount Everest with her father, pictures will fill you with pride

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New Delhi: It is said that if a person is determined to do something then no path or should we say no climb is difficult. This line fits perfectly on Kamya Karthikeyan and her father S Karthikeyan. Both of them were determined to achieve that goal which is only a fantasy for any human being to reach or achieve. Both father and daughter performed such a feat that every Indian would be proud to see or hear. The father-daughter duo successfully climbed the 8849 meter high Mount Everest. Both of them accomplished this feat on May 20. Kamya is only 16 years old and she has achieved so much success at this age. Father S Karthikeyan, who supported his daughter on this difficult path, is a commander in the Indian Navy. After this achievement of Kamya, she has become the second youngest girl in the world and the youngest Indian mountaineer to climb the world's highest peak from Nepal. Let us know this success story of both in detail.

16 years old but steely courage

Age is just a number for Kamya Karthikayan. At the age of 16, when youngsters go to college or some competition after passing 12th, Kamya climbed a height of 8849 meters. Kamya has climbed six mountains so far to fulfill her goal of climbing the highest peak of all the seven continents of the world. This year in December, she wants to climb Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica to become the youngest girl to complete the “7 Summits” challenge. Kamya is a resident of Jharkhand and is currently studying in 12th class.

How did you achieve such a difficult situation?

Many brave people have hoisted the victory flag on Mount Everest, now Kamya and her father's name will also be added to them. Kamya hoisted the tricolor on the peak of Mount Everest at 12.35 am Indian time. Her father S Karthikeyan was also with her in this journey. After achieving this milestone, both of them returned to Base Camp-4 at 4.15 pm. The climb of Mount Everest starts from Base Camp-4 only.

The path is not easy, the weather also plays games

The path is not easy, the weather also plays games

The difficulties that Kamya Karthikeyan and Navy Commander father S Karthikeyan have overcome to achieve this position are not within everyone's reach. Experts say that weather also plays an important role there. If the weather turns bad then climbers have to face adverse conditions. However, this father-daughter duo did not have to face any such adverse circumstances and both of them successfully achieved this position.

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