'Srikanth' is earning in India, 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' earning crosses Rs 2100 crore

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It has been 12 days since Rajkumar Rao's film 'Srikant' was released in theatres. The storm created by the trailer of the film has not had much impact on the box office. Let us tell you that 'Srikant' is a film based on the biography of visually impaired Indian industrialist and founder of Bolant Industries Srikant Bolla. Although the film is getting a lot of appreciation from the audience, critics and film stars, the truth is that even after spending 12 days at the box office, the film does not seem to be recovering its cost. Along with this, while the Hollywood film 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' is creating a stir all over the world, its earnings in India are far behind 'Srikant'.

The photography of this film, which was released on May 10, started two years ago in November 2022 and then started in January 2023. To play a visually impaired character in this film, Rajkumar Rao used to wear a special lens from morning till evening. To fit perfectly into his character, he has also spent a lot of time with visually impaired people. Due to this problem, Srikanth had to face a lot of difficulties in life, although he never gave up. From survival to studies, he had to struggle very hard and on the basis of his talent, he did everything for which the whole world salutes him today. Let us know how much this film has earned so far.

'Srikanth' has collected Rs 28.80 crore across the country.

According to the report of Sacknilk, this film has earned Rs 1.20 crore on Tuesday. Overall it has collected Rs 28.80 crore from across the country. The film has earned more than Rs 36.50 crore worldwide. The film has earned Rs 2.50 crore abroad.

'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' earns Rs 2100 crore worldwide

At the same time, the story of the film 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes', the fourth installment of Hollywood's hit franchise 'Planet of the Apes Reboot', is being liked by people all over the world. The kind and brave ape Noah (Owen Teague) is attacked by a masked ape named Proximus (Kevin Durand), who is power-hungry and calls himself Caesar's heir. The cruel monkey kills his father Coro (Neil Sandilands) and takes away the remaining monkeys. This two and a half hour long film has not been able to do anything special in India, but it has earned around Rs 2100 crore worldwide.

'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' earned this much on Tuesday

It earned Rs 1.8 crore at the Indian box office on Sunday but could earn only Rs 62 lakh on Monday and Rs 52 lakh on Tuesday. Overall the film has collected Rs 24.24 crore at the Indian box office.

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