Some reduced the shows and some released old films, cinema lovers are unhappy with big films not coming.

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Summer season is considered the earning time of films. But this time due to elections and IPL the condition of the box office is bad. Single screen cinema halls in Telangana have been closed for some time. At the same time, in Delhi-NCR, theater owners are compensating their losses by reducing the number of shows and running old movies. Here is a report – Last year, films had created new records of tremendous earnings at the box office. Earnings for the first quarter of this year were less than expected. But the condition of the box office looks bad in the second quarter. In the beginning of April, mega budget films 'Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan' and 'Maidan' flopped. Even after that no other film could show its magic. Now that more than half of the entire month of April and May of the second quarter has passed. Even then, the earnings of films released at the Hindi box office have not even crossed Rs 150 crore. The country's largest cinema chain PVR Inox said that the cinema business has been affected due to the Lok Sabha elections. Due to the T20 Cricket World Cup being held next month in June, cinema lovers do not have much expectations from the box office. Therefore, the makers of Prabhas's film 'Kalki 2898 AD' have postponed the release of their film from May to the end of June.

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Release of films postponed

It is not that only the Hindi box office is going through a bad phase, but the condition of cinema across the country is bad in terms of earnings. Talking about this, producer and film business analyst Girish Johar says, 'If we look at the current situation of the film industry across the country, then in the year 2024, the condition of the rest of the cinema industry is not good except Malayalam. I believe that people have now become accustomed to cricket matches. Therefore, now people do not care much about IPL, T20 World Cup etc., but the real loss to the cinema industry has been caused by the Lok Sabha elections. Due to this, the release of many big films was postponed. Although May-June is always considered a season of earnings due to children's holidays, but now if films are not coming during this time, then it will be called weak release planning of the producers. Then the flop of big budget films released on the occasion of Eid spread panic among the film lovers. Due to this, many producers postponed their films.

People associated with cinema are going through difficult times.

Recently there was news that due to postponement of the release of big films, single screen cinema owners in Telangana have closed their theaters for a few weeks. They have done this so that they can reduce their increasing losses. Talking about this, Yogesh Raizada, Vice President, Wave Cinemas, says, 'It is true that these days due to non-release of big films, it is becoming difficult for us theaters to bear the expenses. Although it is not right to close theaters in such a situation, we have definitely reduced the number of our shows. There is no use in increasing expenses by running shows in empty theaters when there are no spectators. Rajkumar Mehrotra, CEO of capital-based Delight Cineplex, said, 'Due to the lack of new films, we have re-released Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta's film Veer Zara at a lower price this week and it is getting a tremendous response from the audience. ' , Is. I think the audience is ready to come to the cinema, but the filmmakers are not able to provide good content.

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